ASL Mission

We the surfing members of the Association of Surfing Lawyers (ASL) hereby establish this non-profit organization of attorneys to promote and preserve the lifestyle, causes, and concerns of surfers around the world and to represent the interests of surfers, beachgoers and future generations of surfers.

We shall uphold and maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in accomplishing our goals and furthering the interests of our members.

We shall conduct ourselves in a manner that will serve the public interest and improve the public’s perception of both surfers and attorneys.

We shall strive to improve each fellow member both as surfers and attorneys and provide a network, mentoring and outreach programs to our members and the public and to publicize and further the interests and goals of the ASL.

  • To provide Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) to surfing lawyers.
  • To represent the sport of surfing in the legal profession and enhance the image of lawyers and their commitment to environmental cases and access to the courts.
  • To create a network of surfing lawyers and mentoring program for new lawyers.
  • To raise funds for charitable organizations dedicated to, among other causes, the natural environment, social and legal issues, and medical research.
  • To uphold and advocate access to, and the peaceful use of, the coastline and ocean.
  • To protect and preserve the coastline and the ocean, including water quality monitoring and enforcement.
  • To inform and educate the public on legal issues that impact surfers and their environment.
  • To enhance the public perception of lawyers.
  • To establish a proactive and pro-bono legislative litigation support and amices curiae groups that will focus on ocean related issues, including Proposition 65 issues, and coastal access issues.